Welcome to The Arabian Knight LTD, Private Investigators, Surveillance and Security Specialists serving the whole of the UK and based in London.

Based in London and serving the whole of the UK, The Arabian Knight LTD is a FULL SERVICE premier private investigative agency specialising in a wide range of cases. Our operatives have many years of experience in Close Protection and Private Investigations. The Arabian Knight LTD team is SIA licensed and the company uses the latest technology to ensure that all cases are investigated accurately and properly in accordance to the Law.

All investigations are conducted by professional investigators who are experts in gathering the information or evidence you need quickly and accurately. Our clients include solicitors, private investigators, insurance companies, corporations, government agencies and the general public.

Whatever your needs are we can help.

Areas of Expertise

Motorbike Surveillance
Body Guarding
Video Surveillance
Spouse Loyalty
Background Checks
Process Serving
Work Place Investigations
Workers Compensation
GPS Tracking Surveillance
Counter Intelligence (Bug Sweeps)
Computer Forensics: Email Tracing
Fraud Investigations

Because each case is unique, we recommend that you call us about your situation to better assess which type of investigation would work best for you. The advice is free and the consultation is strictly confidential.

Commercial Assignments: Solicitors, Financial Institutions, Local Authorities, Government Departments, Insurance Organisations, Companies, Utilities.

  • Process Serving: Serving legal papers such as court claim forms, summonses, court orders, statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions and the preparation of and swearing the necessary Affidavits or preparation of Statement/Certificate of service.
  • Tracing: locating people who have deliberately disappeared, usually for financial reasons.
  • Status and Credit Report: preparing financial status report on an individual or a company. Litigation in a civil court is an expensive and time-consuming business; it is in the client's interest to know whether or not the person or company possibly to be sued has the necessary financial resources to make the exercise worthwhile.
  • Repossessions: It could be premises, motor vehicle, equipment or machinery
  • Neighbour Disputes: anti-social behaviour such as noise pollution, criminal damage, racial harassment, threatening and violent behaviour. Our task is to gather sufficient evidence for the local authority to take the necessary action against the offending tenant. All our investigations can be R.I.P.A compliant.
  • Insurance Assignments: fraudulent claims.
  • Property Assignments: Instructed by the Legal Department of a Building Society and/or their Solicitors to ascertain the identities of the present occupiers of properties. This is often when a mortgagee who is not making the required mortgage repayments has improperly let a mortgaged property.

Industrial Assignments: Manufacturing, Distribution, technological, service and retail industries.

  • Breach of contract: investigation in a suspected sales managers who might be in breach of their employment contract by diverting new business to a competitor company in which it is believed he has financial interest.
  • Internal Theft: internal pilfering can seriously affect the profitability of a company. Our investigators can work undercover in the company to discover the method of the theft and obtain the necessary evidence to identify the perpetrators.
  • Retail Industry Assignment: we can install miniature video cameras within the shop premises to gather evidence of possible thefts by staff from the till or stock.

Private Client Assignment: tracing missing people, dealing with matrimonial and personal matters, civil and criminal investigations.

  • Neighbour dispute assignments: the crime and disorder act 1998 will make it easier for local authorities, landlords and individuals to bring about successful prosecutions. However, it is still necessary for a private investigator to gather the necessary in areas of deliberate noise pollution, anti-social behaviour, racial discrimination and criminal damage. We do follow the R.I.P.A requirements and the Human Rights Act 1998 when conducting these assignments.
  • Matrimonial and unfaithful partner surveillance: this service is offered to private clients and to solicitors with an aim is to prove infidelity. The intelligence is gathered in a discreet way and the surveillance will establish whetheir the subject has been unfaithful or not. A finall detailed report will be provided along with a copy of all video footage and photographic evidence. 
  • Insurance fraudulent claims: insurance companies will ask surveillance operatives to collect evidence about the well being of a certain individual that they suspect with a fraudulent claim.
  • Nanny Watch: covert surveillance to help watch your loved ones whilst the client is away from the home.
  • Tracing Missing Persons: there are lots of reasons why people need to be traced or located including lost relatives & friends, adoption and many more.
  • Tracking Devices: tracking devices are used to locate a vehicle's precise location using GPS (Global Positioning System).  A report will be supplied detailing the locations and the addresses the vehicle attended.








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